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Blew Me Home

After a long journey, Marian returned to her hometown. But her homeland is no longer the place in her memorise. What remains is only the sound of the wind.

This is a set of illustrations for university course projects. I capture subtle natural sounds and explore visual language from them. I try to describe my thoughts on the loss and continuation of life by depicting scenes that contain subtle sounds of nature.

Also, it also be use in  a lyrics book for my unexist album.


An lyrics book about sound

I am easily attracted to small and sensitive things around me.

For example, a little road covered with fallen leaves. And when walking through it, the leaves are a little bit stuck on my shoes. They make small, sticky sounds.

Or, in front of the graveyard in the town center, I saw a lot of pigeons. Their wings across the airflow make the wind rustle gently against my cheek.

This is a lyrics book for those unrecordable musics.

样机2 拷贝.jpg
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